A Bear's Tail

Genre: Comedy
Premiere: 2005
Network: Channel 4
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
Sessons: 3
Full Episodes: 7
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A Bear's Tail Series
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A spin-off from the successful "Bo' Selecta!", a Bears Tail shakes up what was once thought to be a traditional sitcom format! In the series the Bear moves in with his adopted mum Patsy Kensit, her husband Sean Pertwee, and her teenage daughter. Soon after, he realizes he's in a sitcom! With the help of an experienced script writer, coincidentally living under the stairs, he makes the series up as he goes along.
A Bear's Tail S03E19 In "The Big Blooper," Sister learns a naughty word from "Big Bear High," a video rented by Lizzie Bruin's older brother. It was not a movie intended for little cubs! She and Lizzie hurt the feelings of many friends until Mama and Papa give her a talking to.
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Date Aired A Bear's Tail Episodes
Season 1
08 July 2005 Season 1, Episode 1: The Good, The Bear And The Ugly
15 July 2005 Season 1, Episode 2: Adventures in Bear-bysitting
22 July 2005 Season 1, Episode 3: The Son of Bear-elzebub
29 July 2005 Season 1, Episode 4: Meet the Bearents
05 August 2005 Season 1, Episode 5: Blame it on the Bearboy
12 August 2005 Season 1, Episode 6: Two Weddings, a Bear and no Funeral
Season 3
2003 Season 3, Episode 19: The Big Blooper/Nothing to Do