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Name: Beef: The Series
Type: Documentary
Premiere: 2006
IMDB Rating: 5
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 26
Beef: The Series Series
Full Show Summary: QD3 Entertainment, leaders of the Urban DVD market have partnered up with Black Entertainment Television (BET), to bring you the highly anticipated BEEF The Series. Continuing the tradition of thoughtful, unbiased and entertaining Hip Hop journalism that earned BEEF, BEEF II, and BEEF III critical and popular acclaim, comes BEEF The SERIES. Based on the multi-platinum DVD releases, BEEF The Series will continue to explore Hip Hop's most notorious beefs and resolutions while also diving into the world of sports, politics and entertainment. BEEF The Series is a new half hour show that will provide the ultimate platform for artists and prominent figures to have an open discussion on matters unresolved. With sensational stories abound in the media, BEEF The Series is an outlet where all sides can set the record straight. Through various elements including archival as well as current interviews, we hope to initiate change through dialogue and bring to our audience a greater understanding of this phenomenon. Some of the artists featured in the series will include Oprah, Snoop Dogg, Dave Chappelle, The Game, Jamie Foxx, Ice Cube, Ludacris, Jay-Z, and many more.
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Last Episode of Beef: The Series: Season 1, Episode 26: A Running Battle/Egg & Bean
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Season 1
2002 Season 1, Episode 1: In the Wild/Missing Teddy
2002 Season 1, Episode 2: No Parking/Bean's Bounty
2002 Season 1, Episode 3: Artful Bean/The Fly
2002 Season 1, Episode 4: Mime Games/Spring Clean
2002 Season 1, Episode 5: No Pets/Ray of Sunshine
2002 Season 1, Episode 6: Roadworks/The Sofa
2002 Season 1, Episode 7: Camping/Chocks Away
2002 Season 1, Episode 8: Royal Bean/Young Bean
2002 Season 1, Episode 9: In the Pink/Dinner for Two
2002 Season 1, Episode 10: The Ball/Toothache
2002 Season 1, Episode 11: Haircut/Neighbourly Bean
2002 Season 1, Episode 12: Nurse!/Dead Cat
2002 Season 1, Episode 13: Super Trolley/Magpie
2002 Season 1, Episode 14: Cat-Sitting/The Bottle
2002 Season 1, Episode 15: Goldfish/Inventor
2002 Season 1, Episode 16: Hot Date/Wanted
2002 Season 1, Episode 17: Art Thief/Scaredy Bean
2002 Season 1, Episode 18: Car Trouble/Restaurant
2002 Season 1, Episode 19: Gadget Kid/The Visitor
2002 Season 1, Episode 20: Big TV/Keyboard Capers
2003 Season 1, Episode 21: Bean in Love/Double Trouble
2003 Season 1, Episode 22: A Royal Makeover/SuperMarrow
2003 Season 1, Episode 23: Birthday Bear/The Mole
2003 Season 1, Episode 24: Treasure!/Homeless
2003 Season 1, Episode 25: Hopping Mad/A Grand Invitation
2003 Season 1, Episode 26: A Running Battle/Egg & Bean