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Name: Karaoke | Type: Drama | Run Time: 1996
Network: BBC One
IMDB Rating: 8.3
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 4
Karaoke Series
Full Show Summary: Daniel Feeld is a screenwriter with pains in his gut and a new screenplay called "Karaoke", about a girl named Sandra who works in a seedy Karaoke bar and is murdered by a lowlife named Arthur "Pig" Mallion. But whenever Daniel looks around, real people seem to be speaking his dialogue in real situations that mirror the script, including a beautiful young girl named Sandra who works in a Karaoke bar owned by a Mr. Mallion. Meanwhile, Balmer, the film's director, is in a spot of trouble with the leading lady of the film. Download Karaoke Free
watch Karaoke S1 E4 online Aired: 19 May 1996
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Date Aried Watch Karaoke Episodes:
Season 1
28 April 1996 Season 1, Episode 1: Tuesday
05 May 1996 Season 1, Episode 2: Wednesday
12 May 1996 Season 1, Episode 3: Thursday
19 May 1996 Season 1, Episode 4: Friday