Living with Funny

Premiere: 2016
Network: Oxygen
Sessons: 1
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Living with Funny Series
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The half-hour docu-series showcases the personal lives behind the curtain of rising comedians in Hollywood and the women in their lives-- Brandon T. Jackson and fiancée Denise Xavier, DeRay Davis and girlfriends’ Coco & Caro, Michael Blackson and girlfriend Georgia Reign, Erik Rivera and wife Katie Rivera, along with bachelor Adam Hunter.Cameras will follow the howling tale of what happens when these funnymen drop the mic and come home to their family, friends and significant others. Because when you are a comedian, the jokes don’t stop just because the show does.
Living with Funny S01E01 On the premiere episode, Georgia finds a condom in the house and urges Michael to have "the talk" with his son. Brandon annoys Denise, duh.
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Season 1
12 April 2016 Season 1, Episode 1: Living With The Spotlight