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Name: Amc | Premiere: 1951
Sessons: 2
Full Episodes: 3
Amc Series
Full Show Summary: This is a talk show hosted by Frances Scully; guest star Gary Gray appeared on the April 25, 1951 show, promoting the new MGM Technicolor film, "The Painted Hills," that starred Gary Gray and Lassie - it would be Lassie's last film, as she was replaced by her offspring for the TV series.
watch Amc S2 E8 online Air Date: 2002
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Season 1
25 September 2001 Season 1, Episode 9: Exploring the Full Potential of Our Children
23 October 2001 Season 1, Episode 10: Life Is Too Short to Have Any Regrets
Season 2
2002 Season 2, Episode 8: Upcoming Actors