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TV Show Guide for 2017-04-26
00:00Contacto Deportivo
3x82 - Episode 82
2x77 - Jane Seymour, Mack Wilds
00:00IndyCar Series
22x - Indy Lights: Barber
00:35The Late Late Show with James Corden
2017x50 - Amanda Peet, Max Minghella, Kaleo
2017x82 - Episode 82
00:37Late Night with Seth Meyers
2017x50 - Caitlyn Jenner, Buzz Bissinger, Nick Frost, Lucius
01:00Celebrity Page
5x82 - Episode 82
24x106 - Episode 106
01:00Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe
6x80 - Episode 80
01:00Inside the NBA
2017x30 - Episode 30
2017x86 - Episode 86
01:30Jalen & Jacoby
2x68 - Episode 68
01:35Last Call with Carson Daly
2017x30 - Sanaa Lathan, Tennis System, Reid Scott
02:00This is Life Live
1x3 - Episode 3
02:00The Wendy Williams Show
2017x68 - Dule Hill, Peter Engel
03:00The Real
5x72 - Sherri Shepherd, guest co-host Ta'Rhonda Jones
1x12 - Let's Dig Deep!
07:30Joseph Prince
10x85 - God Is a Gracious Rewarder, Part 4
08:00Democracy Now!
2017x83 - 2017-04-26
09:00Live! with Kelly
2017x83 - John Legend, Molly Ringwald, guest co-host John Leguizamo
10:00Let's Make a Deal
8x158 - 2017-04-26
10:30Joseph Prince
10x86 - God Is a Gracious Rewarder, Part 5
11:00MSNBC Live
2017x253 - Episode 253
11:00Kenneth Copeland
19x84 - Preparing for the Supernatural Move of God, Part 3
11:00The Price is Right
45x150 - 2017-04-26
11:00The View
20x154 - Caitlyn Jenner
13:00Days of Our Lives
52x154 - Ep. #13073
13:30The Bold and the Beautiful
31x25 - Ep. #7573
14:00MSNBC Live
2017x254 - Episode 254
14:00America's News Headquarters
10x161 - Episode 161
14:00The Talk
2017x79 - Hank Azaria, Jessica Radloff, guest co-host Jessica Dean
15:00Tiki and Tierney
1x8 - Episode 8
15:00Dr. Phil
15x141 - Sleeping in a Cage Like an Animal: Our Adoptive Parents Were Convicted of Child Endangerment
15:00The Ellen DeGeneres Show
2017x72 - Salma Hayek, Jennifer Hudson
16:00NFL Total Access
14x87 - NFL Draft Preview (3)
16:00The Doctors
9x137 - Maria Shriver; My Daughter Needs a $500,000 Surgery to Walk; Revenge Body Results Revealed; Dramatic Kidnapping Escape
16:00The Lead with Jake Tapper
2017x86 - Episode 86
16:45Premier League Goal Zone
6x37 - Episode 37
17:00MTP Daily
2017x83 - Episode 83
17:00Up to the Minute
1x72 - Episode 72
17:00Around the Horn
2017x75 - Episode 75
17:00Bloomberg Technology
3x80 - Episode 80
17:00Fast Money
11x79 - Episode 79
17:00Primer Impacto
24x83 - Episode 83
17:00The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
13x83 - Episode 83
17:00Special Report with Bret Baier
20x89 - Episode 89
17:00Steve Harvey
6x75 - Morris Chestnut and His Trainer Talk About Their New Book and How to Lose 10 Lbs. in 10 Days!
17:30Golfing World
8x11 - Episode 11
18:00For the Record with Greta
1x79 - Episode 79
18:00Weather Underground
3x83 - Episode 83
18:00Mad Money
13x79 - Episode 79
18:00Time to Schein
3x63 - Episode 63
18:00ESPN FC
5x89 - Episode 89
18:00Hotel Todo Incluido
2x83 - Episode 83
18:00Path to the Draft
2x33 - Episode 33
18:00Golf Central
2017x107 - Episode 107
18:00NASCAR America
4x41 - Episode 41
18:30NBC Nightly News
2017x114 - Episode 114
18:30CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley
2017x108 - Episode 108
18:30ABC World News Tonight with David Muir
2017x116 - Episode 116
9x77 - Episode 77
18:30Pardon the Interruption
2017x74 - Episode 74
19:00The First 100 Days
1x73 - Episode 73
19:00Hardball with Chris Matthews
2017x83 - Episode 83
19:00We Bare Bears
3x14 - Lucy's Brother
19:00Wheel of Fortune
2017x83 - Fabulous Florida 3
19:00NHL Live
8x68 - Episode 68
19:00NFL Total Access
14x88 - Episode 88
19:00Caso Cerrado: Edición Estelar
4x82 - Episode 82
19:00Erin Burnett OutFront
7x83 - Episode 83
19:00E! News
16x158 - Episode 158
19:00Golf Channel Academy
7x13 - Larry Mize - Full Swing
19:00Franklin and Friends
3x1 - Super Clueper's Case of the Missing Carrots
19:00Bloomberg Daybreak Asia
2x81 - Episode 81
19:15Franklin and Friends
3x2 - Franklin and the Pickle Problem
19:30Vice News Tonight
2x71 - Episode 71
19:30Adventure Time
8x20 - Elements Part 5: Slime Central
2017x83 - Returning Champion Vs. Chelan Allen Vs. Samm Chiszar, Show # 2518
19:45Adventure Time
8x21 - Elements Part 6: Happy Warrior
35x15 - Forest Of The Lynx
5x19 - Dangerous Liaisons
20:00Hollywood Darlings
1x3 - Driving Miss Jodie
34x8 - A Line Drawn in Concrete
20:00Shots Fired
1x6 - Hour Six: The Fire This Time
2x19 - Regard a Mere Mad Rager
20:00Tucker Carlson Tonight
2x83 - Episode 83
20:00Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield
2x54 - Episode 54
20:00Anderson Cooper 360°
15x83 - Episode 83
20:00The Goldbergs
4x21 - Fonzie Scheme
20:00My 600-Lb. Life
5x17 - Where Are They Now? Teretha & Chad
20:00La Doña
1x117 - Episode 117
20:00Catfish: The TV Show
6x9 - Ari & Lanum
20:00Little Women: Atlanta
3x - A Little Extra: Stage Fight
20:00Black Ink Crew
5x17 - Say It, Don't Spray It
20:00John Gray World
1x36 - Door to Your Destiny: Destiny Treasures, Part 1
20:00All In with Chris Hayes
2017x83 - Episode 83
1x20 - R-u-n-- Runaway
20:30Return of the Mac
1x3 - The Wrong Stuff
20:30Golf's Greatest Rounds
5x2 - The Players - 2007
44x15 - Building Chernobyl's MegaTomb
21:00Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
18x16 - The Newsroom
21:00Criminal Minds
12x20 - Unforgettable
21:00Cooks vs. Cons
4x6 - Egg Fight
21:00Storage Wars
10x5 - Granny Get Your Gun
4x6 - Elk
21:00The 100
4x9 - DNR
3x14 - Love Is A Smoke
21:00The Real Housewives of New York City
9x4 - The Etiquette of Friendship
21:00Total Divas
6x14 - Runaway Bride
21:00The Rachel Maddow Show
2017x83 - April 26, 2017
21:00Property Brothers: Buying + Selling
6x2 - Shacking On Up
21:00The Five
7x84 - Episode 84
21:00Little Women: Atlanta
3x17 - Good Deed Gone Bad
3x21 - Sister, Sister
21:00Expedition Unknown
3x - Extra Finds: Finding Fenn's Fortune
21:00Are You The One: Second Chances
1x6 - Blind Choice
21:00Exposed with Deborah Norville
1x3 - Madoff With All the Money
21:00Stone House Revival
2x5 - 1790 Three-Room Restoration
21:00NASA's Unexplained Files
5x3 - The Sun's Evil Twin
21:00American Pickers
17x - Hard Bargains
21:00See No Evil
3x11 - The Long Walk Home
21:00Guerra de Idolos
1x3 - Episode 3
21:00The Last Alaskans
3x6 - Spirit Of The Hunter
21:00Pig Goat Banana Cricket
2x6 - Steak Bus
21:00The Lead with Jake Tapper
2017x87 - The First 100 Days (3)
21:30Storage Wars
10x6 - That's the Way the Terra Cotta Crumbles
3x22 - All Groan Up
21:30Stone House Revival
2x6 - 1740 Little House Restoration
8x4 - Archer Dreamland: Ladyfingers
22:00The World's Greatest Tribute Bands
8x8 - Warehouse - A Tribute To Dave Matthews Band (LIVE)
3x2 - The Principle of Restricted Choice
22:00The Comedy Jam
1x6 - Malin Akerman; Matteo Lane; Jay Pharoah and DMX
22:00Chicago P.D.
4x20 - Grasping for Salvation
22:00Little Women: Dallas
1x11 - Not So Silent Partner
1x5 - Not the Emmys
2x7 - Born to Trouble
22:00Secret Lives of the Super Rich
6x13 - Mega-Homes: Blockbuster Oasis & Celine Dion's Luxe Estate
22:00Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders
2x9 - Blowback
22:00Designated Survivor
1x18 - Lazarus
1x5 - Breakout Year
3x2 - Herb For Autism
2x8 - Auld Acquaintance
22:00National Enquirer Investigates
2x3 - Jodi Arias
22:00La Piloto
1x37 - Episode 37
22x81 - Episode 81
22:00Junkyard Empire
3x3 - Buck Wild Bronco
22:00Billy the Exterminator
7x6 - Sting Operation
22:00Billy the Exterminator
7x7 - Reptile Rampage
22:00CNN Tonight with Don Lemon
4x80 - Episode 80
22:00Talk Show the Game Show
1x4 - I'll Burn It Down
22:00The Ultimate Fighter
25x2 - Eat Some Souls
22:00House Hunters
126x9 - Historic Hunt in Houston
22:00The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell
2017x83 - Episode 83
22:00Reasonable Doubt
1x1 - Southern Justice
22:04Outlaw Tech
1x1 - Episode 1
22:08This is Life Live
1x4 - A Good Samaritan and an Incredible DNA Reveal
2x5 - No Country Club for Young Men
22:30Bong Appetit
2x2 - South Central Cannabis Cuisine
22:30House Hunters International
105x3 - Pura Vida in Costa Rica
23:00Nightly Business Report
37x83 - Episode 83
23:00Entertainment Tonight
2017x87 - Episode 87
23:00Primer Impacto Extra
11x83 - Episode 83
23:00The 11th Hour with Brian Williams
2017x71 - Episode 71
23:00E! News
16x159 - Episode 159
23:00TUF Talk
3x2 - Episode 2
2017x53 - Dennis Quaid, Morena Baccarin, Nikki Lane
23:00Watch What Happens Live
14x75 - Dorinda Medley, John Oliver
23:00Desus & Mero
2017x55 - Wednesday, April 26th, 2017
23:00The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
2017x57 - Kevin Coval
23:30PBS NewsHour
2017x83 - April 26, 2017
23:30The Insider
14x87 - Episode 87
2017x57 - Maria Bamford, Henry Zebrowski, Ophira Eisenberg
23:30Charlie Rose
2017x83 - 4/26/2017
23:35The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
2017x68 - America Ferrera, Thomas Middleditch, Dave & Virginia Grohl, Preservation Hall Band
23:35The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
2017x65 - Dr. Phil McGraw, Leslie Jones, Rick Ross featuring Young Thug and Wale
00:00Bloomberg Markets: Middle East
2x83 - Episode 83
00:00Contacto Deportivo
3x83 - Episode 83
00:00Inside the NBA
2017x31 - Episode 31
00:00Baseball Tonight
2017x15 - Episode 15
2x78 - Anna Chlumsky, Dennis the Prescott, Amirah Vann