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Place of Birth: 1956) is a Cuban-American comedian and actor.
Wiki Biography: Angel Salazar (born March 2, 1956) is a Cuban-American comedian and actor. This manic,human laugh factory is rather difficult to describe. His Cuban heritage and penchant for sporting mini-skirts notwithstanding, Salazar's performance is a mixture of street-smart ethnic wisecracks, risqué humor, physical comedy, and audience involvement. He disappeared from films in 1993 for a decade!? Only appearing in a documentary called "Comedian"(2002) in between. He reappeared in 2003 in the films, "Harlem Blues"and "Vote for Me". He once again disappeared for 2 yrs from film!?. In 2005, he came back for a film called "Rose Woes and Joe's " But then he once again vanished for 2 more years!? In between he did another documentary in 2006 "The Latin Legends of Comedy" with J.J. Ramirez and Joey Vega.He reappeared in 2007 with "Made in Brooklyn " then again gone for 2 more years!? He again appeared in 2009 and made one short film,'Trust Me'. Then the very next year 2010 he did another short film, 'Crumble' with his co-star from "Scarface"(1983), Steven Bauer. He came back to films in 2011 with "The Last Gamble "as a character named 'Angel' no-less. He has 2 complete films coming out in 2012.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Scarface Chi Chi 1983 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Terror in the Aisles 1984 Horror, Documentary, Thriller
Punchline 1988 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Maniac Cop 2 1990 Game Show, 0