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Film title: 'Side by Each'
Language: English
Plot: Salty just wants to launch his boat and sail off, but crooks have bought the boat yard to build condos. When he falls in love with triplet sisters things begin to spiral out of control. Soon, his boat's bull dozed, his job is gone and he's left broke and sleeping on a park bench in the rain. But the tide will turn. Redeemed by the love of one of the triplets, he becomes a hero by dint of his natural curiosity and dumb luck.

'Side by Each' Series
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'Side by Each' Cast & Crew

Larry Bryggman
as Salty
Blythe Danner
as Daisy / Delores / Delilah
Lewis D. Wheeler
as Pepe Gouise
Paul B. Price
as Claude Terrain
Paul Benedict
as Chief Rodrocks
Leslie Lyles
as Patty
Jim DeMarse
as Cap
Gustave Johnson
as George
Timothy Crowe
as Wooly
Lázaro Pérez
as Lt. Pinky
William Damkoehler
as Albear - Tug Man
Macon Blair
as Billy Glover
Anne Scurria
as Jo - Diner Owner
William Cain
as Old Fisherman 'Dad'
Richard Donnelly
as Diner Regular - Hondo