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Film title: Óscar. Una pasión surrealista
Language: Spanish
Plot: "Óscar. The Color of Destiny" is a revealing portrayal of a forgotten icon of French Surrealism: Spanish painter Óscar Domínguez, contemporary of Picasso. The film rediscovers the life of a talented artist who was ignored after he committed suicide, fifty years ago, victim of a serious illness which had disfigured his body: the Elephant Man's disease. The film is stirring and touching and compels admiration for the bohemian painter whose fate was self-destruction, after a wild crazy life. Lucas Fernández turns the life of a debauchee, who regarded himself a monster because of his disfiguring disease, into a universal story where art is the product of love and loneliness, of sex and violence before, during and after the Nazi invasion of Paris.

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Óscar. Una pasión surrealista Cast & Crew

Joaquim de Almeida
as Oscar Domínguez
Toni Cantó
as Estrada
Caco Senante
as Montero
Vicente Ayala
as Eduardo Westerdahl
Vanesa Cabeza
as Antonia
Antonio Cifo
as André Breton
José Conde
as Clément
Lourenço de Almeida
as Oscar - 12 years old
José Luis de Madariaga
as Manuel Piedrahíta
Rodrigo Frías
as Antonio