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Film title: 11 Days, 11 Nights 2
Language: Italian
Plot: Sarah Asproon returns to New Orleans to act as executrix of the estate of a millionaire whom she was once the mistress of. She must decide which one of his surviving family members will inherit his fortune. It's not a decision that she's willing to make alone....

11 Days, 11 Nights 2 Series
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11 Days, 11 Nights 2 Cast & Crew

Kristine Rose
as Sarah Asproon
Frederick Lewis
as George Durrington
Maurice Dupré
as Alfred Durrington
Kristin Cuadraro
as Joanna Durrington
Alex Dexter
as Bob Durrington
Fred Woodruff
as Sonny Durrington
James Jackson
as Lionel Durrington
Laura Gemser
as Jackie Forrest
Garyn Charlet
as Tony Maier
Russell Pottharst
as Attorney
Michelle McGuire
as Francis
Debbie Morrant
as Sarah's Lawyer