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Film title: 1999
Language: English
Plot: The century is coming to an end, and New York City is freaking out. "1999" takes place at a New Year's Eve party on December 31, 1999. As a group of neurotic characters gather at a Greenwich Village apartment, everyone struggles to come to terms with their identities, relationships, and self-doubts before the millennium turns. The partygoers are astonished and reawakened as passions flare and ignite, gunshots are fired, battling lovers reunite, and as the new century dawns, all are joined in the curious sense that th

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1999 Cast & Crew

Dan Futterman
as Rufus Wild
Allyson Downey
as Well-Dressed Woman
Jennifer Garner
as Annabell
Matt McGrath
as Andrew Goldman
Buck Henry
as Mr. Goldman
Steven Wright
as Goatman
Amanda Peet
as Nicole
Margaret Devine
as Sylvia
Daniel Lapaine
as Thierry
Leonid Citer
as Lubos
David Gelb
as Danny
David Porter
as Conrad
Bray Poor
as David Dishy
Zandy Hartig
as Stephanie Dishy