Watch 2 Guns Online

Watch 2 Guns Online
Film title: 2 Guns
Language: English, Spanish
Plot: A DEA agent and a naval intelligence officer find themselves on the run after a botched attempt to infiltrate a drug cartel. While fleeing, they learn the secret of their shaky alliance: Neither knew that the other was an undercover agent.

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2 Guns Cast & Crew

Denzel Washington
as Robert 'Bobby' Trench
Mark Wahlberg
as Michael 'Stig' Stigman
Bill Paxton
as Earl
Fred Ward
as Admiral Tuwey
James Marsden
as Quince
Edward James Olmos
as Papi Greco
Greg Sproles
as Chief Lucas
Patrick Fischler
as Dr. Ken
Derek Solorsano
as Ferret Nose Julio
Tim Bell
as Lean