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Film title: 2090
Language: English
Plot: Two men awaken from a long cryogenic sleep, to do battle in a future as primitive and violent as the remote past. California has become an arid island wasteland of subsistence farming, hunting and scavenging. The air quality is now perfect unlike the bio-contaminated atmosphere of almost a century before. The population hovers around 20,000 and there is no identifiable form of government. Nothing moves on the surface streets or freeways and the major remaining peoples are Tule Indians surviving alongside small bands of other survivors, as their ancestors did two hundred years earlier. A scientist, Allen Brand, is revived in the future, to repair the damage caused by then U.S. President Campbell, who almost obliterated the planet's population when his satellite dusted the stratosphere with a lethal man-made bacteria. Campbell has a few hours lead on Brand, and frantically attempts a cover-up of his genocidal mistake. With the help of some survivors-turned-vigilantes, Brand pursues Campbell through the badlands of 2090 to save the children of earth's last generation.

2090 Series
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2090 Cast & Crew

Steve Bagish
as Walleye
Warren Burton
as Wilson
Ken Kraft
as Armor
Sonny Landham
as Indian
Mike Lateer
as Boaz
Irene Miracle
as Stone
Jack Radosta
as President Campbell
Herman Sinitzyn
as Victor
Miles Valentino
as Karper
Oleg Vidov
as Tony
Priska Waldron
as Jerusha
Ron Waldron
as Allen Brand