Watch 2103: The Deadly Wake Online

Watch 2103: The Deadly Wake Online
Film title: 2103: The Deadly Wake
Language: English, German
Plot: Proxate Corporation recruits a boozy former ship captain and offers him a new identity: Sean Murdoch. His job: to take charge of large ship on one voyage. Once aboard, Murdoch realizes that the ship is a prison ship, and the cargo are criminally insane inmates. Murdoch's other problem: someone has planted bombs aboard the vessel. Murdoch's acrimonious relationship with the prison warden lends extra drama to the s

2103: The Deadly Wake Cast & Crew

Malcolm McDowell
as Captain Sean Murdoch
Heidi von Palleske
as Cora Fell
Mackenzie Gray
as Nigel Chan
Hal Eisen
as Willie
Gwynyth Walsh
as Martine Quiller
Michael Johnson
as Santiago
Daniela Nolano
as Cyborg
Morris Durante
as Klove
Jules Delorme
as Gunner
Sandy Kaizer
as Clifton
Glen Cullen
as Cookie
Piero Didiano
as Convict Tom