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Film title: 3 Hours to Dusk
Language: English
Plot: When a mysterious disease turns a small town neighborhood into flesh-eating monsters, five individuals are left to piece together their fractured memories and fight off the blood thirsty demons.

3 Hours to Dusk Series
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3 Hours to Dusk Cast & Crew

Scot Nelson
as Lt. Wexel
Austin Boggs
as Dr. Westview
Kevin Bishop
as Frank
Rohan Darbar
as Agent
Cynthia Blanton
as Shed Zombie
Dock Blanton
as Machete Zombie
Joe Caulfield
as Pool Zombie
Jeffrey Gross
as Zombies
Alex Lazin
as Arm Eating Zombie
Caitlin McGrath
as Windshield Zombie
Michael Willis
as Zombies
Kevin Wright
as Usher Zombie