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Film title: A Box for Rob
Language: English
Plot: Thirty some years ago, in the back woods somewhere in NC... a young Rob Spencer is given a ghastly task...his mother gives birth to a stillborn child... The Doctor tells him to bury the bundle Rob does... Present day... Despite his nightmares, Rob is moving up in the world he is moving into a house in Concord's historic district with the hopes to fix it up.... He works for the Mayors office as the assistant city manager and after buying a ring, he is getting the courage up to ask his girlfriend Amy to marry him. On the same day he moves into his house and Rob's life seems to be ready to soar... a murder happens across town. Rob's nightmares seem to come alive when he receives a box and his childhood memories flood his thoughts... His world begins to unravel and he feels paralyzed. Soon all fingers seem to point to ROB as the killer. The murder in Concord, brings ex-FBI agent Ethan McNichol out of retirement and he picks up the case he had worked on for years prior to retiring... As the story unfolds, the FBI seems to close in on the killer...Rob falls apart... aided only by his best friend Miles, he tries to so clear his name... but he ends up in a stand-off with police ... the dark secret of Rob's childhood becomes reality... But is he the killer?

A Box for Rob Series
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A Box for Rob Cast & Crew

Brett Gentile
as Miles
Johanna Jowett
as Donner
Fred Griffith
as Chief Kyle Potter
Amber Irvin
as Amy
Michael Mihm
as Young Dr. Neil
Ryan Pamiez
as Stranger
Dave Blamy
as Craig Blackledge
Lacy Camp
as Young Jenny Proctor
Joe Mullican
as Young Miles
Chase Wainscott
as Young Rob
Juan Piedrahita
as Officer Cruz
Marc Soper
as Jim - Ethan's Dead Partner