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Film title: A Christmas Tale
Language: French
Plot: The Vuillard family gathers: Junon and Abel, a daughter Elizabeth and her son Paul, Henri and a girlfriend, Ivan, his wife Sylvia and their young sons, and cousin Simon. Six years before, Elizabeth paid Henri's debts and demanded he never see her again or visit their parents' home. Paul, at 16, has mental problems and faces a clinical exam. Junon learns she needs a bone marrow transplant if she's to live beyond a few months: thus the détente bringing all together. Two family members have compatible marrow, but the spats, fights, cruel words, drunken toasts, and somewhat civilized bad behavior threaten all; plus Junon may simply refuse treatment. Do we know ourselves?

A Christmas Tale  Series
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A Christmas Tale Cast & Crew

Catherine Deneuve
as Junon Vuillard
Jean-Paul Roussillon
as Abel - Junon's husband
Mathieu Amalric
as Henri Vuillard - Abel and Junon's middle child
Melvil Poupaud
as Ivan Vuillard - - Abel and Junon's youngest child
Hippolyte Girardot
as Claude Dédalus- Elizabeth's husband
Emmanuelle Devos
as Faunia - Henri's lover
Chiara Mastroianni
as Sylvia Vuillard - Ivan's wife
Laurent Capelluto
as Simon - Junon's nephew - the painter cousin
Emile Berling
as Paul Dédalus - Elizabeth and Claude's son
Thomas Obled
as Basile 'Baz' Vuillard - Ivan and Sylvia's son
Clément Obled
as Baptiste - Ivan and Sylvia's son
Françoise Bertin
as Rosaimée Vuillard - Abel's mother's girlfriend
Samir Guesmi
as Spatafora - the family friend at Roubaix
Azize Kabouche
as Doctor Zraïdi - the oncologist