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Film title: A Killer Within
Language: English, Spanish
Plot: Addison Terrill (Howell), a Dallas attorney, comes home one night to find his wife brutally murdered with the words "We're even now" scrawled across the bedroom wall. The cops suspect he killed her, and now ADDISON must race through the underside of Dallas to find the only other suspect. His ally is a grudging ex-cop (Esposito) who knows what it takes to deliver justice. If they can overcome their differences, they'll be able to solve the case before anyone else gets hurt.

A Killer Within Series
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A Killer Within Cast & Crew

C. Thomas Howell
as Addison Terrill
Sean Young
as Rebecca 'Becky' Terrill
Ben Browder
as Sam Moss
Dedee Pfeiffer
as Sarah Moss
Quinn Lujan
as Christopher Terrill
Mark Hanson
as Sonny Bruton
Rick Herod
as LT. John Garrett
Susana Gibb
as Nikki Spider
Larry Johnson
as Staring Cop
Louanne Stephens
as Receptionist
Irene Cortez
as Latina
Bill Flynn
as Dr. Karl Shultz
Bethany Wright
as Angel
Maurice Ripke
as Boyfriend