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Film title: A Matter of Degrees
Language: English
Plot: A college student living in a commune decides that he doesn't want to go on to law school. When a corporation takes over the campus radio station, he decides to disrupt the graduation ceremonies.

A Matter of Degrees Series
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A Matter of Degrees Cast & Crew

Za Za Dupre
as Baby Max
Arye Gross
as Maxwell Glass
Tom Sizemore
as Zeno Stefanos
Wendell Pierce
as Wells Dennard
Judith Hoag
as Kate Blum
Sarah Bork
as Cynthia
Tom Gilroy
as The Scuzz
Jim Dunbar
as Frank Dell
Benny Benowitz
as Smart Student
John Doe
as Peter Downs
Harry Cooper
as Babe
Christina Haag
as Isabelle Allen
Michael Imperioli
as Zeno's Assistant
Michael Balcanoff
as Professor Eliot Eastman