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Film title: A Rat's Tale
Language: English
Plot: Monty is a young cute rat in a rat world living beneath the streeets of Manhattan. When exterminator Dollart gets a new lethal spray to kill all the rodents, Monty, his friend Isabella and Jean-Paul Canalligator have to travel to magic land to make things right.

A Rat's Tale Series
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A Rat's Tale Cast & Crew

Josef Ostendorf
as Mr. Lou Dollart
Beverly D'Angelo
as Mrs. Dollart
Lauren Hutton
as Evelyn Jellybelly
Jerry Stiller
as Prof. Plumpingham
Steffen Wink
as Nick McRafferty
Andreas Herder
as Tom O'Dooley
Jonathan Kinsler
as Architekt Stressback
Yoshinori Yamamoto
as Mr. Futon San
Jack Recknitz
as Texaner
Dee Bradley Baker
as Monty Mad-Rat Jr.
Lynsey Bartilson
as Isabella Noble-Rat
Raymond Guth
as Old Monty
Scott MacDonald
as Rudi Rake-Rat
Donald Arthur
as Jean-Paul Canalligator