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Film title: A Time to Die
Language: English
Plot: Although innocent, photographer Jackie Swanson is rounded up for dealing cocaine and sentenced to 400 hours of community service. She has to shoot nice pictures of police work. Jackie accidentally witnesses the corrupt police lieutenant Eddie Martin killing a pimp. Eddie also was the officer who arrested Jackie. She has taken pictures of the liquidation and uses them to force Eddie to alter his testimony about her so she can regain the custody over her little son she lost due to her conviction. Eddie, of course, tries to acquire the pictures and is assisted by a very unexpected

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A Time to Die Cast & Crew

Traci Lords
as Jackie Swanson
Jeff Conaway
as Frank
Richard Roundtree
as Captain Ralph Phipps
Robert Miano
as Lt. Eddie Martin
Bradford Bancroft
as Sam Swanson
Nitchie Barrett
as Sheila
Gino Dentie
as Jinx
Daphne Cheung
as Sunshine
Jesse Thomas
as Kevin Swanson
Victor Vidales
as Pablo
Manuel Cabral
as Enrique
Nick Gambella
as Danco
Jan Flame
as Marge
Nicole Picard
as Patti