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Film title: A Winter Rose
Language: English
Plot: Winter Rose has survived being orphaned as an infant and being moved around from orphanage to orphanage. Now on her own she struggles with her abandonment and finds comfort in her one true passion, music. When legendary singer Rachal Love is diagnosed with cancer she launches a world wide search to find her successor. Will Winter be able to conquer her demons of self doubt and face the pressures of the world wide stage? A WINTER ROSE is the inspiring and timeless tale of how the human spirit can triumph when faced with insurmountable odds.

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A Winter Rose Cast & Crew

Kimberly Whalen
as Winter Rose
Theresa Russell
as Rachal Love
Robert Miano
as Jimmy
Billy Zane
as Preston Holdsworth
J.D. Parsons
as Eric
Paul Sorvino
as Skippy
Taryn Manning
as Patricia Rose
Andy Dick
as Billy Joe
George Lazenby
as Henry
Silvia Spross
as Alice
Miki Black
as Angel
Edward Furlong
as Willy
Rebecca Grant
as Celebrity Interviewer