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Film title: A Woman Called Job
Language: English
Plot: A ghostwriter confronts a gunman during a bank robbery beginning a surreal adventure through Cape Cod. Lee stumbles upon a soul food restaurant where he falls in love with its owner, a woman called Job. She sends him on a journey but disappears. Those who surround Lee insist he will never see her again, but Lee refuses to give up.

A Woman Called Job Series
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A Woman Called Job Cast & Crew

Victoria Biggers
as Bank VP
W. Watts Biggers
as Dr. Merrit
Margaret Buff
as June Shelby
Craig Cady
as Doug Thorpe
John Cady
as The Reverend
Lisa Canto
as Maybelle
Sarah Doolan
as LouAnn Waterson
Greg Feltes
as Teacher
Adam Garcia
as Lee Waterson
Herb Goldman
as Police Seargeant
Tracey Goodson
as Patient
Joe Hackett
as T.R. Crowell
Cathy Hitchcock
as Woman in Bank
Julie Jacques
as Marlene