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Film title: A hét nyolcadik napja
Language: Hungarian
Plot: After her husband's death, Hanna Szendroy, the former primadonna, is caught in the claws of the real estate mafia. She looses her lavish home and ends up homeless at the Keleti train station. When she returns to her house, now full of homeless people moved in by the real estate mafia, an unexpected relationship brings hope into her life again. Our tragicomedy tells its story through the fate of the protagonist portrayed by Maya Komorowska; sometimes it is through the darkest hardships that the possibility of a cleaner and more truthful life arises, and, that the miracle of love is ageless.

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A hét nyolcadik napja Cast & Crew

Maja Komorowska
as Szendrõy Hanna
Gyula Bodrogi
as Ernõ
Eszter Csákányi
as Gizike - Ernõ felesége
Judit Pogány
as Csibike - ügyvédnõ
Ádám Rajhona
as Józsi bácsi
Sándor Zsótér
as István - Hanna fia
Eszter Ónodi
as Laura - István felesége
Marta Martin
as Joli
Károly Mécs
as Gyuszi
Éva Bakos
as Ilike
Erika Balogh
as Igazgatónõ