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Film title: Achilles' Love
Language: English
Plot: Ike, a Greek-American insurance agent, starts off on the wrong foot with his new neighbor Lucinda, the manager of a dance company. Once the misunderstandings clear, the two discover they have a lot in common and romance quickly begins to blossom. Enter Connan Charles, a wealthy attorney and Ike's best friend. Connan crosses paths with Lucy and is instantly smitten. She has no idea Ike and Connan are friends, and Ike and Connan don't know they are after the same woman. It all comes together in this affectionately comic tales of money, rivalry, art and of course... true love.

Achilles' Love Series
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Achilles' Love Cast & Crew

Julianne Shinto
as Candace
Claudia Besso
as Lucy Boxwell
Alex Coleman
as Constantine Zoras
Eli Ganias
as Young George
Doug Mertz
as Malcolm
John Mouganis
as Connan Charles
John C. Mouganis
as Connan Charles
Jean-Pierre Nutini
as J.P. the Stage Manager
Jason Ralph
as Waiter 1