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Film title: Adam's Wall
Language: English
Plot: Adam, a Jewish teenager and Yasmine, a young Lebanese girl, fall in love. Their relationship is overshadowed by the ongoing feud between their families, but also by the raging conflict in the Middle East. From the heart of Mile End, Montreal's multicultural neighborhood, comes this modern-day story of two lovers fighting against the walls that separate them.

Adam's Wall Series
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Adam's Wall Cast & Crew

Jesse Aaron Dwyre
as Adam Levy
Flavia Bechara
as Yasmine Gibran
Paul Ahmarani
as Najeeb Gibran
Maxim Roy
as Christine
Gabriel Gascon
as Rabbi Levy
Tyrone Benskin
as Mostafa
Kyler Nesrallah
as Young Adam
Malcolm Travis
as Avrum Levy
Leni Parker
as Anita Levy
Neil Kroetsch
as Arab-Israeli Driver
Oury Ezerzer
as Hassidic Settler
Stephen Spreekmeester
as Hassidic Settler
Ya'Acov Bauer
as Jewish Orthodox Man
Ferelith Young
as Protest Organizer