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Film title: Adam and Eve
Language: English
Plot: Easy-going, gentle college-boy Adam Baker enjoys frat-life, however disgusting the frat-house gets because of his sloppy house-mates Freddie, Ferguson and Munch. Then Adam meets Eve, starts falling in love, but gets jealous of frat-brother Billy, who 'bumps' almost constantly without seeking love, while Eve guards her campus-unique virginity. As even his thrice-divorced dad, an MD, urges Adam to get laid rather then loved, his patience runs out against healthy hormones.

Adam and Eve Series
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Adam and Eve Cast & Crew

Lisa Wilhoit
as Katie Wilson
Terri Garber
as Eve's Mom
Allan Havey
as Adam's Dad
George Dzundza
as Eve's Dad
Brianna Brown
as Cindy
Lacey Beeman
as Mandy
Mike Elling
as Vaughn