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Film title: Aftermath
Language: English
Plot: Special Agent Rachel Anderson is charged with protecting a key witness, Richard Harper. But Harper himself is a suspect in several bomb attacks, one of which killed Rachel's partner and friend. Rachel is torn by her aversion to Harper and her duty as an agent. On the day of the trial someone intends to blow up the courthouse and kill Harper in the process. Will Rachel be able to protect Harper and prove who has really been planting the bombs?

Aftermath  Series
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Aftermath Cast & Crew

Sean Young
as Rachel Anderson
Tim Post
as Timothy Sandburg
Christopher Heyerdahl
as Evan Harper
William B. Davis
as Deputy Director Edwards
Chip Chuipka
as Ernest D. Welles
Martin Neufeld
as Reginald Grover
Steve Adams
as Jim O'Neil
Paul Hopkins
as Agent Burton
Alan Fawcett
as FBI Agent
Tyrone Benskin
as Arnold Ross
Linda Smith
as Meredith Stone
Mark Camacho
as Hotel Desk Clerk
Amanda Tilson
as Amy O'Neil
Lynne Adams
as Tina Robbins