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Film title: Airborne
Language: English
Plot: Bill McNeil heads a black ops team called "Mach 1" called in to retrieve a cannister of deadly viral agent which was stolen from the government by an arms dealer. The team retrieve the weapon but the team is setup. Bill knows a traitor is behind things.

Airborne  Series
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Airborne Cast & Crew

Steve Guttenberg
as Bill McNeil
Kim Coates
as Bob Murdoch
Torri Higginson
as Sara Gemmel
Philip Akin
as Romeo Cortez
David Fraser
as Mr. Samuels
Colm Feore
as Ron Simpson
Sean Bean
as Dave Toombs
Philip DeWilde
as Video Technician #1
Sara Sahr
as Video Technician #2
as Man #1
Yoav Dekelbaum
as Man #2
Don Allison
as Scientist
Linda Barnett
as Waitress
Shawn Lawrence
as Cop #1