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Film title: Airborne
Language: English
Plot: This film is about a group of people on an International flight which leaves from England during an oncoming storm. It's the last flight allowed to leave the airport. On that flight is an ancient vase from China, but is it cursed? As the flight gets further away from where it departed from it soon becomes apparent that something is not right on board. Strange things start to happen and people start going missing, but how can that be when it's only a 747? Where are they? And what's behind it all? Someone knows more than they're letting on to.

Airborne  Series
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Airborne Cast & Crew

Craig Conway
as Luke John
Simon Phillips
as Alan Fletcher
Gemma Atkinson
as Harriett Robburts
Alan Ford
as Max Korgen
Julian Glover
as George
Mark Hamill
as Malcolm
Billy Murray
as Cutter
Peter Barrett
as Kenny Barns
Andrew Shim
as Sam Watts
Fiona Ryan
as Rachel
Raji James
as Dr. Kailash Shnergji
Forbes KB
as Smoker