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Birthday: 1936-05-09
Place of Birth: Salford, Greater Manchester
Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m) Mini Biography Albe
Wiki Biography: Albert Finney came from the theatre, where he was especially successful in plays of William Shakespeare, to the movies. There he became a leading figure of the young Free Cinema. His debut in cinema was in 1960 with The Entertainer (1960) of Tony Richardson who had directed him also in theatre plays various times before. His typical role were young prolets like, e.g. Arthur Seaton in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960).

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Albert Finney Albert Finney Albert Finney Albert Finney Albert Finney Albert Finney


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Tom Jones Tom Jones 1963 Adventure
Amazing Grace John Newton 1995 - 1995 Drama
Karaoke Daniel Feeld 1996 Drama
Washington Square Dr. Austin Sloper 1997 Drama
Smugglers Ed Bloom - Senior 2011
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning Arthur Seaton 1961 Drama, Romance
Tom Jones Tom Jones 1963 Adventure, Comedy, Romance
The Victors 1963 Drama
Two for the Road Mark Wallace 1967 Drama, Comedy, Romance
Charlie Bubbles 1968 Comedy, Drama
Scrooge Ebenezer Scrooge 1970
Gumshoe 1971 Game Show, 0, 0, Comedy
The Image Jason Cromwell 1976
The Duellists Fouche 1977 0, Romance
Looker 1981 Sport, Game Show
Wolfen Dewey Wilson 1981 Horror, Thriller
The Dresser Sir 1983 Drama
Pope John Paul II: The Movie 1984
Under the Volcano Geoffrey Firmin 1984 Drama
Orphans Harold 1987 Drama
Miller's Crossing Leo 1990
The Playboys Constable Brendan Hegarty 1992 Drama, Romance
Rich in Love Warren Odom 1993 Drama
A Man of No Importance 1994
The Browning Version Andrew Crocker-Harris 1994 Drama
The Run of the Country Danny's Father 1995 Drama, Romance
Washington Square Dr. Austin Sloper 1997 Drama, Romance
Breakfast of Champions Kilgore Trout 1999 Comedy
Erin Brockovich Ed Masry 2000
Simpatico Simms 2000 Drama, Comedy, Crime
Hemingway, the Hunter of Death Ernest Hemingway 2001 Adventure, Drama
Delivering Milo 2001 Comedy, Fantasy
The Gathering Storm Winston Churchill 2002 Drama, History
Big Fish Ed Bloom - Senior 2003 0, 0
Corpse Bride Finis Everglot 2005 0, Drama, Biography, 0, Sport
Pope John Paul II Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) 2005
A Good Year Uncle Henry 2006 0, 0
Before The Devil Knows Your'e Dead Charles Hanson 2007
The Bourne Ultimatum Dr. Albert Hirsch 2007 0, Game Show
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead Charles Hanson 2007
Skyfall Kincade 2012 0, Game Show
Murder on the Orient Express Hercule Poirot 2017 0
Amazing Grace John Newton 2019 0
Loophole 2019