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Film title: Alberto Express
Language: French, Italian
Plot: A young Italian, living in Paris with his French wife, is about to become a father. Before the baby is born, Alberto must repay his father for every expense from his own birth until he left home. It's a family tradition, virtually a family curse. With little money in hand, he jumps on a train to Italy, the "Alberto Express," to return to his father. During the journey, he tries scheme after scheme to secure a windfall. En route, he also has a magical encounter with generations of his paternal ancestors, each of them adding again and again the sums owed them by their sons

Alberto Express Series
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Alberto Express Cast & Crew

Sergio Castellitto
as Alberto Capuano
Nino Manfredi
as Alberto's father
Marco Messeri
as Ticket inspector
Eugenia Marruzzo
as Juliette
Thomas Langmann
as Alberto, young boy
Dennis Goldson
as The Black
Roland Amstutz
as The waiter
Michel Aumont
as The debtor
Jeanne Moreau
as The baronness
Angela Goodwin
as The mother
Fabien Chombart
as Helping boy