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Film title: Alchemy
Language: English
Plot: Mal is a New York computer scientist about to lose his university job. He posits that a woman can fall in love with a responsive computer program as easily as with a real man. He finds a subject for the experiment, not telling her what's actually going on. She's Samantha, an actress, and a he finds a rival who calls himself Dr. Love. A women's magazine wants to report the story, but its editor changes the game, insisting that Mal dress up like "Jerry," the personality the computer creates, wear an earpiece, and spout the computer's words. Samantha plays along until her feelings for both "Jerry" and Dr. Love get serious. What's a scientist to do when his hypotheses goes awry?

Alchemy Cast & Crew

Tom Cavanagh
as Mal Downey
Sarah Chalke
as Samantha Rose
James Barbour
as Dr. Troy Rollins
Nadia Dajani
as Jane
Wil Horneff
as Dave
Celeste Holm
as Iris
Shannon McGinnis
as Barbara
Anna Belknap
as Marissa
Tovah Feldshuh
as Senior Editor
Daphne Rubin-Vega
as Belladonna Editor
Susan Misner
as Associate Editor
Erik Palladino
as Groom