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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
True Love Ray Ploshansky 1989 Comedy
Girls Ray Ploshansky 2012 - 2017 Comedy
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Cry Funny Happy Henry 2003 Drama
The Hole Story Alex 2005 Comedy
Beeswax 2008
Harmony and Me Mean Man Mike 2010 Comedy
Bass Ackwards Vlad the Russian Store Clerk 2010 Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Incredibly Small Tom 2010 Comedy
Lovers of Hate Paul 2011 Comedy, Drama
Wuss Wally Combs 2011 Comedy
Rubberneck Paul Harris 2012 Drama, Thriller
Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same Rookie Agent 2012 Comedy, Romance
Gayby Peter 2012 Comedy, Drama
Tiny Furniture Jed 2012 Comedy, Drama
Marvin Seth and Stanley Seth Greenstein 2012 Comedy, Drama
Red Flag Alex 2012 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Supporting Characters Nick 2013 Comedy
Almost in Love Sasha 2013 Comedy, Romance
Good Night Jake 2013 Comedy, Drama
Inside Llewyn Davis Marty Green 2013 Drama, Music
Happy Baby Ben Peterson 2014 Drama
Bloomin Mud Shuffle Chuck 2015
7 Chinese Brothers Kaminsky 2015
Tired Moonlight Mike 2015 Drama
Devil Town Terrence Bard 2015 Mystery
Folk Hero & Funny Guy Paul 2016 Comedy