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Birthday: 1957-03-06
Place of Birth: Telford, Pennsylvania

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Alex McArthur Alex McArthur


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Race For Colour Cody Gifford 2012
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Desert Hearts 1986 Drama, Romance
L.A. Takedown Patrick McLaren 1989 Action, Crime, Drama
Rampage Charlie Reece 1992 Drama, Thriller
Perfect Alibi Keith Bauers 1995 Crime, Drama, Mystery
Conspiracy Theory 1997 Action, Crime, Mystery
Kiss the Girls Det. Davey Sikes 1997 Crime, Drama, Mystery
Devil In The Flesh 2000 Drama, Horror, Thriller
Dischord Recording Studio Executive 2001 Drama, Music, Thriller
Suspended Animation Tom Kempton 2001 Thriller
Stealing Candy Fred Dowd 2003 Thriller
The Commission Roger Craig 2007 Drama
Race For Glory Cody Gifford 2013
The Spearhead Effect Fuller 2016 Thriller