Watch Algonquin Online

Watch Algonquin Online
Film title: Algonquin
Language: English
Plot: JAKE is an unhappy school teacher whose childhood scars are not merely skin deep. Jake's life is upended when his shifty, rogue of a father, LEIF - an absentee parent and a man who best days as a travel writer are well past him-- insists that Jake help him with his next project, a book about Algonquin Park. Agreeing to a temporary arrangement, father and son arrive at the long-neglected family cabin in the woods, a tranquil backdrop to their fractious relationship. But bickering and bad feelings are soon cut short by an unexpected tragedy Laying his father to rest along with the man's many secrets, Jake decides to finish the book as a gesture to the father he barely knew. Back at the cabin, Jake's work is interrupted by unexpected visitors: a mother and child. CARMEN and IGGY are revealed to be grieving members of Leif's secret family. For Jake, this deception seems to be the final straw. All he wants to do is pack up and leave. However something stops him. Iggy, just an ...

Algonquin Cast & Crew

Nicholas Campbell
as Leif Roulette
Mark Rendall
as Jake Roulette
Boyd Banks
as Geordie
Brian Nettlefold
as Wake Attendee
Rod Carley
as Bill Lish
Hailey Garrod
as Kid 2
Brett Houghton
as Kid 1
Rod Carely
as Bill Lish
Kelsey Ruhl
as Ashley