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Birthday: 1989-04-18
Place of Birth: Riverside, California USA
Height: 5' 5½" (1.66 m)
Wiki Biography: Success arrived early for Alia Shawkat. Her career began at the young age of 11 when she landed a role on the ABC Family series "State of Grace" (2001). She later starred as "Maeby Funke" on Fox's Emmy-award winning "Arrested Development" (2003) where she portrayed a rebellious and mischievous member of a dysfunctional Orange County family trying to adjust to their loss of wealth. Alia was introduced to show business by appearing in a Calvin Klein catalog, which immediately attracted the attention of commercial and theatrical agents in Hollywood. She soon landed a role opposite George Clooney in Three Kings (1999). This was followed by a supporting lead in the Ron Perlman' movie The Trial of Old Drum (2000) (TV). But it was "State of Grace" (2001) that catapulted her into the forefront of young actresses. She has also had guest-starring roles on "JAG" (1995), "Without a Trace" (2002), "Boomtown" (2002) and "Presidio Med" (2002) and she recently starred opposite Martin Lawrence in Rebound (2005). At 16 years old, when she was not filming, Alia attended a private school near her home in Rancho Mirage where she was able to continue her studies in English, Physics, Math, Geography and Drama. Her ambition is eventually to attend Yale University studying International Relations. In her free time, Alia enjoys horseback riding, ice-skating and dancing. She is an accomplished pianist and speaks several languages. She currently splits her time between her home and Rancho Mirage and Los Angeles where she resides with her parents and her two brothers.

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Alia Shawkat Alia Shawkat Alia Shawkat Alia Shawkat Alia Shawkat Alia Shawkat


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Arrested Development Mae "Maeby" Fünke 2004 - 2005 Comedy
Bad Mother's Handbook Charlotte 2008
The Moment Jessie 2013
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Deck the Halls Madison Finch 2005 0
Rebound 2005 Comedy, Family, Sport
Not Like Everyone Else Brandi Blackbear 2006
Bart Got a Room Camille 2008
Prom Wars: Love Is a Battlefield Diana Riggs 2008 Comedy
Amreeka 2009 Drama
Whip It Pash 2009 Drama, Sport
Runaways Robin 2010 Drama, Music
The Lie Seven 2011 Drama
The Brass Teapot Louise 2012 0, Game Show
That's What She Said Clementine 2012
The End of Love Herself 2012 Drama
Ruby Sparks Mabel 2012 Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
The Oranges Vanessa 2012 Comedy, Romance, Drama
The Moment Jessie 2013
The To Do List Fiona 2013 Comedy, Romance
May in the Summer Dalia 2013 Comedy, Drama
Night Moves Surprise 2013 Drama
Wild Canaries Jean 2014 Comedy, Mystery, Romance
Me Him Her Laura 2015 Comedy
Adam Green's Aladdin Emily 2015 Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Nasty Baby Wendy 2015 0
The Driftless Area Carrie 2015 Drama
Paint It Black Josie 2016 Drama