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Film title: Alibi
Language: English
Plot: Pain, not just war, makes strange bedfellows. In bed, APRIL SANCHEZ and JENNA BRYANT hatch a plan to turn the plot of Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train" into reality. The two women, who met by accident in a bar, quickly became secret lovers, and shared not only their bodies, but their innermost anger and sorrow. Now, they will each kill the others' "spouse"; and since there is no connection between the two, no one will suspect them. The Perfect Murder. But, true to any Hitchcock movie, things are not always what they seem to

Alibi  Series
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Alibi Cast & Crew

Lisa K. Crosato
as April Sanchez
Marie Zielcke
as Jenna Bryant
Joe Estevez
as Detective Lombardi
Tim Colceri
as Costello
Peter Franzén
as Rod Bryant
Gem Silver
as Mona Greene
Rosemary Gore
as Elaine
Irene Tsu
as Chu Fan
Holly Woodlawn
as Gracie
Bryna Weiss
as Mrs. Framis
Constance Estevez
as Detective Stills
Phoebe Dollar
as Patron
Ronald F. Hoiseck
as Bartender