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Film title: All Cheerleaders Die
Language: English
Plot: A rebel girl signs up a group of cheerleaders to help her take down the captain of their high school football team, but a supernatural turn of events thrusts the girls into a different battle.

All Cheerleaders Die Series
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All Cheerleaders Die Cast & Crew

Caitlin Stasey
as Maddy Killian
Sianoa Smit-McPhee
as Leena Miller
Brooke Butler
as Tracy Bingham
Amanda Grace Cooper
as Hanna Popkin
Reanin Johannink
as Martha Popkin
Tom Williamson
as Terry Stankus
Chris Petrovski
as George Shank
Leigh Parker
as Manchester 'Manny' Mankiewitz
Jordan Wilson
as Vik De Palma
Felisha Cooper
as Alexis Andersen
Sidney Allison
as Brooke
Nadia Boceski
as Kayle
Nathaniel Derrico
as Party Kid