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Film title: All In
Language: English
Plot: As a young girl, Alicia "Ace" Anderson (Swain) had been taught the fine art and the mathematical probabilities of Texas Hold-em poker by the father she adored. But that world came to an end when her father was taken from her in a fatal auto accident. Years later, as she enters medical school, she will need to call upon the skills her father taught her as she struggles with the rigorous medical training, mounting financial pressures and the seamier side of medicine. Her friends and fellow students combine their unique talents and skills to produce a team who may well be the ultimate poker machine. But as the stakes in both the casinos and the operating room continue to rise, Ace comes to understand what her father taught her: in order to really live, you need to go all in.

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All In Cast & Crew

James Russo
as Dr. Pennington
Colleen Porch
as Dr. Redmond
Scott Whyte
as Barrett
Michelle Lombardo
as Jasmine
Kristen Miller
as Katie
Johann Urb
as Jake
Hayley DuMond
as Alice
Avrielle Corti
as Young Ace
Leo Rossi
as Dr. Hamilton
Tony Lip
as Darkman
Jesse Corti
as Jesus