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Film title: All Inclusive
Language: Spanish
Plot: The Mexican Gonzalo Hernandez travels with his dysfunctional family to spend vacation together in the XCaret resort in Playa de Carmen for the first time after ten years. Gonzalo lives in Santiago with his frustrated Chilean wife, Carmen; his lesbian daughter Macarena that has just divorced from her husband; his pothead daughter Camila; and his nerd virgin son Andres. On the arrival, Gonzalo calls his doctor with the results of his medical exams and he learns that he is terminal. Lost without knowing how to tell his fate to his family, Gonzalo lies to Carmen, telling that he needs to travel in a business trip. He leaves the hotel and travels alone without destination. Gonzalo arrives in a small town, where he is robbed and he meets the Cuban Usnavy that helps him to return to the resort. Meanwhile, his family is trapped in the hotel room since a hurricane will come to the spot and they air their dirty laundry.

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All Inclusive Cast & Crew

Martha Higareda
as Camila
Maya Zapata
as Usnavy
Ana Serradilla
as Macarena
Leonor Varela
as Miranda
Mónica Cruz
as Clemencia
Eduardo Cuervo
as Hector
Patricio Lynch
as Man with Miranda
Edgar Vivar
as Taxista
Jesús Zavala
as Andres