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Film title: Alpha Male
Language: English
Plot: Father Ferris' successful packaging business earns his family a luxurious life on a splendid country estate. However, an incurable disease daily diminishes him, then kills him. In complex scenes from several points in time, we observe his three kids forced to grow up fatherless, Jack explicitly being appointed to step into his father's shoes. When his mother decides to marry Clive Lamis, Jack resents and resists, but is too young, so finally moves out and proves himself a business talent worthy of his father. At Jack's 21st birthday, his mother finally gets him to attend a grand garden party in his honor, before he leaves for China indefinitely. Yet things work out surprisingly, as family ties entangle them still.

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Alpha Male Cast & Crew

Jennifer Ehle
as Alice Ferris
Patrick Baladi
as Clive Lamis
Amelia Warner
as Elyssa Ferris
Arthur Duncan
as Young Jack Ferris
Katie Ann Knight
as Young Elyssa Ferris
Danny Huston
as Jim Ferris
Ewan Stewart
as Hilary Benz
Trudie Styler
as Brede Norton
Mark Wells
as Jack Ferris
Jemma Powell
as Maliika
Ellis Hollins
as Nathan Lamis
Eugene Simon
as Young Felix Methuselah
Mark Heap
as Darwin
Stirling Gallacher
as Dr. Bullmore
Christopher Egan
as Felix Methuselah