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Film title: Ambush
Language: Finnish, Italian, Russian
Plot: Set during the World War 2. In the summer of 1941 the Finnish army crosses the border of Russia. A platoon led by Lt. Eero Perkola goes through the wilderness around the Lieksa lake to search for Russian defensive positions. The platoon kills some Russian civilians and rests in a newly conquered village. There Lt. Perkola meets his fiancée Kaarina, who is serving in the Women's Auxilary Corps (Lotta). Then the platoon continues with the mission, but a message about Kaarina's possible death reaches Lt. Perkola. The message causes Perkola to become distracted during the mission.

Ambush Cast & Crew

Peter Franzén
as Lieutenant Eero Perkola
Kari Heiskanen
as Lance Corporal Jussi Lukkari
Taisto Reimaluoto
as Corporal Unto Saarinen
Kari Väänänen
as Corporal Tauno Snicker
Tommi Eronen
as Private Simo Karppinen
Pekka Heikkinen
as Corporal Evert Rönkkö
Pekka Huotari
as Private Martti Raassina
Tero Jartti
as Private Moilanen
Arttu Kapulainen
as Private Ville Snicker
Matti Laitinen
as Private Knihti
Petri Manninen
as Private Ahti Heikkinen
Kristo Salminen
as Private Kukkonen
Kari-Pekka Toivonen
as Private Leinonen