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Film title: Ambushed
Language: English
Plot: Jim Natter, the leader of a violent Kuk Klux Klan lodge, is shot dead. His teenage son Eric Natter is found nearby, and taken into police custody for his protection pending the investigation. While four cops drive him to a safe-house, they are ambushed. Three of them shot dead, including Deputy Lawrence, and his black partner Jerry Robinson is accused of the murders.

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Ambushed Cast & Crew

Courtney B. Vance
as Jerry Robinson
Jeremy Lelliott
as Eric Natter
Virginia Madsen
as Lucy Monroe
William Forsythe
as Mike Organski
David Keith
as Deputy Lawrence
Bill Nunn
as Watts Fatboy
Charles Hallahan
as Sheriff Carter
Robert Patrick
as Shannon Herrold
William Sadler
as Jim Natter
Carl Espy
as Deputy Bean
Scott Hinson
as Deputy Dunbar
Scott Simpson
as Richter
Don Hall
as Billy Dean