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Film title: AmeriGeddon
Language: English
Plot: AMERIGEDDON When a terrorist attack fries the entire power grid and spins the country into chaos, a young Army officer, his maverick mentor and elite group must team up to fight back against the hidden powers that threaten to turn America into a police state.

AmeriGeddon Series
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AmeriGeddon Cast & Crew

Dina Meyer
as Kelly
India Eisley
as Penny
Marshall R. Teague
as Col. Crane
Hans Marrero
as U.N. Soldier #7
Emily Grace Dunn
as College Student
Chuck Huber
as Colonel Kashoid
Mike Norris
as Cliff
Gary Teague
as Man Pushing Shopping Cart
Spencer Neville
as Brandon Lane
Carey Scott
as Roger Smith
Carlton Caudle
as U.N. Soldier Castro
Jonny Cruz
as Timmes
Catherine Lawrence Kinslow
as Senate Hearing Spectator
Aaron Michael
as US Soldier Eaton / College Student