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Film title: American Flyer
Language: Spanish, English
Plot: An economically repressed young man (Bondo) loses his father in his attempt to cross the border (to send money home) at Tijuana, Mexico. As Bondo sets out on his own, he encounters an array of people holding him back, including the Chief of TJ policia that killed his father, that now wants him dead too. After a deadly attempt at crossing the boarder himself, he resourcefully constructs a flying machine out of a wheel barrow and navigates himself to the Santa Monica pier. There he will begin to complete his fathers dream.

American Flyer Series
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American Flyer Cast & Crew

Douglas Spain
as Bondo
Julian Scott Urena
as Gonzales
Patricia Rae
as Maria
Isabel Cueva
as Conchita
Emilio Rivera
as Big Boss
Danny Trejo
as Uncle John
Ray Aguayo
as Luis
Richard Azurdia
as TQ Man
Carmen Corral
as Woman
Anelia Dyoulgerova
as Esmeralda
Russell Gannon
as Father Smith&Wesson
Carmina Garay
as Maria's Daughter
Jason S. Gray
as Gracias Chica