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Film title: American Girls
Language: English
Plot: Based on horrific true events, American Girls is a dark, nihilistic tale about the abduction, rape and murder of two high school girls and the fallout that nearly decimates a small Midwestern town, as long buried secrets surface when the police begin to put together the pieces of the crime. Using the framework of movies such as The Social Network, American Girls offers no easy answers. Using multiple character points of view, the film presents a harrowing, psychologically astute look at a tragic crime and an uncompromising glimpse at what contributed to the death of the girls, the aftermath their families face, and the utterly evil personae of their killers.

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American Girls Cast & Crew

Bai Ling
as Amanda Chen
James Duval
as Bryan Palmer
Kevin Gage
as Judge Joe Gordon
Devanny Pinn
as Ashley Taylor
Jessica Cameron
as Lauren Hammond
Tawny Amber Young
as Karen Murphy
Josh Hammond
as Scott Salazus
Trish Cook
as Linda Palmer
Jessica Sonneborn
as Dr. Monica Rourke
Carlos Ramirez
as Andrew Benson
Jenny Spain
as Movie Brittani
Kristina Page
as Nicole Peterson
Noel Thurman
as Julie Taylor