Watch Amityville: A New Generation Online

Watch Amityville: A New Generation Online
Film title: Amityville: A New Generation
Language: English
Plot: While Amityville 1992: It's About Time -- the film leading up to this seventh Amityville Horror sequel -- followed the antics of a possessed clock taken from the infamous haunted Long Island house, this plot focuses on a possessed mirror. A photographer (Ross Partridge) who receives the looking glass as a gift from a client sets it up in his house so visitors can admire themselves. But a funny thing happens: They start dying instead.

Amityville: A New Generation Cast & Crew

Ross Partridge
as Keyes Terry
Lala Sloatman
as Llanie
David Naughton
as Dick Cutler
Barbara Howard
as Janet Cutler
Jack Orend
as Franklin Bronner
Terry O'Quinn
as Detective Clark
Lin Shaye
as Nurse Turner
Ralph Ahn
as Mr. Kim
Jon Steuer
as Young Keyes