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Film title: Amnesia
Language: English, Russian
Plot: A man who wakes up in a remote mental institution with no memory must fight to regain it before the resident psych takes over his mind. Amnesia is a story about survival, love, friendship and overcoming daunting odds. The events are based on true documented violations of human rights, both in mental institutions and at the hands of human traffickers. Ultimately, this movie is about human rights... the rights we have as beings, to freedom, happiness and dreams.

Amnesia Series
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Amnesia Cast & Crew

Zachary Gossett
as John Doe
Mike Gassaway
as Dr. Mislav Oberheimmer
Chaille Stidham
as Nurse Karmen
Shayla Bagir
as Ylliana
Chloe Clark
as Sasha
Bobby Cabral
as Jorge
Sal Cabral
as Pablo
Isac Mourana
as Maquaqua
Karla Carrera
as Dolores
Jennifer Fielding
as Jennifer
Damon Williams
as Agent Jadon Spears
Garry Peters
as Dr. Herbert Olsen
Dan Murphy
as Reject