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Film title: An Ideal Life
Language: English
Plot: Cameron's life is circling the drain. His acting career is going nowhere, he's one bottle shy of being an alcoholic, his wife left him for their chiropractor, and his teenage daughter thinks he resents her for being born. But when he's videotaped by his agent Clovis one day, it's not his miserable life that gets played back on the tape. It's his ideal life - complete with a great career, a wealthy lifestyle, a loving daughter...and a beautiful woman who wants him for her "love toy." And when the woman shows up at his door the next day, Cameron believes his ideal life is coming true. But is it?

An Ideal Life Series
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An Ideal Life Cast & Crew

Wes Worthing
as Cameron
Susan Barnabo
as Melissa
Matt Eastvold
as Clovis
Anna Boelman
as Kyla
Scott Porter
as Duncan